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SAMOA was present at NADA New Orleans (LA)

Publicado el 2017-01-30

SAMOA was present at NADA's (National Automobile Dealers Assn) 100 anniversary held in New Orleans (LA) on 27-29 January, 2017.
Automobile dealers from all over North America gathered to listen to industry leaders and to view the wide range of products available in the automobile service industry.

The SAMSON booth was strategically placed during the three day trade show where we were able to exhibit our new enclosed reels and the new PM35 oil pump as well as products traditionally supplied in the automobile service industry.

We welcomed existing and new customers from all over the Country with expansion plans for future growth. Our goal was to maximize our time, meeting with existing and potential customers and we feel that our objective was attained.

Next year?s show will return to Las Vegas in April (2018). We appreciate the time our visitors spent with us and we hope to see you in the next edition.