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Skills for Future Employment II Project, Visits SAMOA

Publicado el 2019-05-22

Time Management and Conducting Effective Meetings Workshop

This second edition of the project Habilidades para el Empleo Futuro II (Skills for Future Employment II) and its participants, visited our Headquarters in Gijon a few days ago.
SAMOA actively collaborates with this Project, designed to connect Gijon residents under the age of 30 and no prior work experience, with the professional world, improving their skills through a specialized program of guided visits and workshops.

Lead by Elena Arce and Francisco Valle, the group spent their afternoon with our Human Resources and Process Engineering and Quality Departments. The group was also invited to attend a workshop analyzing relevant concepts for a professional environment, such as Time Management or Conducting Effective Meetings.
From Samoa Group, we would like to thank you all for your participation, and wish you the best of luck on your professional future!