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Do you know SAMOA Disinfection & Sanitation Equipment?

Publicado el 2020-04-24

In times of COVID19 you might be interested in our Disinfectants & Sanitizer Spray Pump Packages

Main Benefits:
- Airless Spray Technology produces the smallest diameter droplets, below 10 microns, for a RELIABLE surface coverage.
- High pressure spraying allows covering large surfaces with sanitation agents, reducing the presence of bacteria, virus and fungi.
- The use of high pressure pumps provides a more efficient spraying action, making possible to cover larger areas with lower fluid use than other low pressure applications.

Applications: spray of disinfectant and sanitizing agents in:
- Office buildings.
- Factories, warehouses and logistic centres.
- Commercial centres, theatres, restaurants.
- Bus and train stations, airports.
- Trains, airplanes, buses, rental vehicles, trucks
- Hospitals and health care centres.
- Barracks, hangars, prisons.
- Stadiums, Sport arenas, gymnasiums.
- Roads, parking lots.

Check out detailed information of our full range in the PDF below.