Advanced Monitoring System

381000AMS Access keypad without ticket printer.
381001AMS Access keypad with ticket printer
381013AMS Access keypad with ticket printer
381030Electronic fluid dosing system
381102Additional power supply box
381200Thermal ticket printer
381300Network protocol converter and software (NTPC)
381350Network protocol converter and software (NTPC) - USB connection
381500Intelligent Flow Control Unit with CAN controller 100 PPL and installation accessories
381501Intelligent Flow Control Unit with CAN controller 100 PPL
381550Intelligent fluid dispenser manager (IFDM)
381600Application software memory module
381700Remote display unit (RDU)
381903Set of electrical connectors.
381904External RS-422/RS-232 Converter
381905Five coded keys set
381910IFDM or remote display (RDU) bracket.
381911IFCU bracket
381912IFCU bracket for open reels (501 and 504 series)
381950Cable for CAN bus
381953IFCU connection cable
382113Multidispense manager
736349Bracket for mounting up to 6 IFCUs (381 500)
736353Wall bracket for 381 000 or 381 001 Keypads