News Do you know the most efficient solution for your vehicle service facilities?

Do you know the most efficient solution for your vehicle service facilities?

Published on 05/07/2022 0:00:00

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SAMOA develops efficient solutions to specific needs in the maintenance of light vehicles, vans, trucks, buses, fleets and industrial vehicles.



We provide solutions for managing all fluids used in vehicle service facilities: lubricants, antifreeze and coolant solutions, windshield wash solutions, AdBlue® / DEF, etc.

From single point dispense systems or mobile packages to the most sophisticated installations. Our solutions include all the necessary components for pumping, distributing, controlling and measuring all fluids in your facility.


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SAMOA provides installation layout support for new workshops, update of old existing workshops as well as extension of existing ones.

We are capable of helping select the correct equipment and suggest the necessary configuration of components to meet the specific need of the end customer.

SAMOA’s centralized lubrication system significantly reduces the amount of waste fluids, increases productivity and improves the cleanliness and image of the company through an efficient management of the fluids.

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Moreover, if you are interested in investing in a new Fluid Management System, we recommend NEXU, following the lead of these famous car manufacturers: 


Download our new Automotive market catalog


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