Success Stories Our distributor designs and builds a Lube truck in Mongolia

Our distributor designs and builds a Lube truck in Mongolia

Fuel and lubrication truck for mining vehicles service


A Mongolian mining company, needed to deliver vehicle service fluids remotely. To accomplish this a fuel truck was built in CAT 725 unit. With this solution the mining vehicle maintenance service is made reducing time.  

The result is an articulated service vehicle with specific SAMOA lubrication equipment. This lube truck was designed and built exactly to meet our customer's needs, where flow rates and performance were key, as our client could not afford downtime operation due to a lack of lubrication control.

The lubrication equipment chosen for this particular scenario are:

  • RM12 (504250), 6 heavy duty hose reel with a 15 m ½” hose for oil dispensing.

  • RM34 (505224), one heavy duty hose reel with a 15 m ¾” hose for fuel dispensing.

  • DP200 1” AODD pump (555030) combined with a 4-WAY EVACUATION VALVE (361300).
    • Pneumatic double diaphragm Aluminum pump with NBR diaphragms and seats, and Acetal balls.
    • 4-way valve used in two different positions:
      • 1: Sucks waste oil into a tank inside the lube truck.
      • 2: Evacuates waste oil to an external location.

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All hoses have been securely and neatly fixed to the container using welded hose clamps.

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