"Our concept of Excellence is based on Knowledge, Experience and Attitude. Three fundamental values in the culture of SAMOA."

Alberto G.-Moratiel, President of the SAMOA Group

People are the most valuable assets of the SAMOA Group. That is why we invest in the training and the professional development of our employees. We promote equality and diversity by offering professional opportunities to our employees in different countries.

The SAMOA Group employs around 550 professionals specialised in different areas. Approximately 250 are based in the main installations located in Asturias and the rest are distributed in subsidiaries around the world.

SAMOA is oriented towards international markets and therefore employs qualified personnel in all its subsidiaries. As a differentiating aspect, SAMOA integrates all levels of the value chain in its activities


Product design and R+D

The product development department represents 10% of the personnel at head office.



SAMOA integrates all the operations involved in production: machining of materials, welding, robotics, electronics, laser cutting, painting, finishing...



SAMOA works as a big family, trying to find the best solutions and the most professional service for customers and distributors around the world.

SAMOA Group Executive Committee