News IDEPA supports LINTER (SAMOA R+D+I Center)

IDEPA supports LINTER (SAMOA R+D+I Center)

Published on 19/04/2021 0:00:00

Funding Program for R+D+I Centers
Since 1958 SAMOA Industrial has been manufacturing equipment for handling, dosing and controlling complex fluids. Nowadays it’s necessary to reinvent oneself and to innovate again and again, as to continue responding to the market with smart, competitive, feasible solutions, adapted to the new technologies.
Behind all this interest, our industry which, day by day, demands us to adapt, process and manipulate new complex fluids, formulations and improved properties.
Linter Technical Center is a business hub for R+D+I (Research + Design + Innovation), emerging as a result from our work over the last 60 years, and fundamentally,  from the involvement of the SAMOA GROUP Management. Linter Technical Center’s creation meets SAMOA’s need to centralize our skills and product development in our Headquarters in Spain, close to the main company, with the independence provided by the creation of our very own Technologic Center.  
The aim of this centralization of R+D+I services, is to lead innovation and improve our products for the entire GROUP, taking advantage of the legacy and experience provided by our subsidiaries and SAMOA Group companies, located in the US, England, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and China
Linter Technical Center is undertaking, among others, a project for the Development and Research of Pneumatic and Diaphragm Pumps, Supply Guns and Control Accessories for the SAMOA GROUP. This R+D+I work is supported by the Business Development Institute of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA), through its funding program aimed at the execution of action plans for business R+D+I Centers during  financial year 2020 (RIS3-Company program), co-funded by the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 
EXPTE: IDE/2020/000483