News SAMOA Launches new E-Learning Platform

SAMOA Launches new E-Learning Platform

Published on 13/07/2021 0:00:00

For Employees, Subsidiaries, Distributors and Clients

The New Normal is now part of our lives, bringing many changes to our everyday life. In SAMOA, we are taking up this opportunity to upgrade our PRODUCT ACADEMY to the next digital level, by implementing a NEW E-Learning Moodle-based Platform!

We consider continuous training as one of our greatest assets, and even through these challenging pandemic times, we needed to find a definitive solution to the lack of travelling and hence, the opportunity to organise face-to-face trainings. So we have implemented new digital tools to facilitate both; internal and external online trainings.

Here, as part of SAMOA PRODUCT ACADEMY, employees, subsidiaries, Distributors and Clients all over the world that have attended to our trainings will have full access to your PRODUCT COURSES and information, directly from your computer, and our trainers will be just one click away!

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