News New edition of SAMOA Sales and Marketing Convention

New edition of SAMOA Sales and Marketing Convention

Published on 30/06/2023 0:00:00

For the Process and Industrial Divisions


SAMOA Industrial headquarters recently hosted the new edition of our Sales and Marketing Convention for the Process and Industrial Divisions.  

Over the course of a week, our colleagues from around the world, had the opportunity to get to know each other as one team and share their experiences, challenges and knowledge in the areas of marketing and sales.  

This year's Convention focused on the presentation of our new and rapidly growing Global Marketing Department, as well as sharing interesting news about upcoming products, such as some newcomers to our already famous PIVOT series: UP03 3/8", UP05 ½" and UP10 1" double diaphragm (AODD pumps) in heir metallic and non-metallic versions. These pumps have joined our already successful UP20 2" and UP30 3" pumps.  

Our NEW Industrial Division was also introduced, along with an exciting line of new products for a variety of applications, including industrial finishes, protective coatings, and building and construction.   

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