Success Stories Mining company in Africa operates SAMOA heavy duty lube container

Mining company in Africa operates SAMOA heavy duty lube container

Complete lubricants storage and delivery system into a container


The customer, a Burkina Faso mining operation, was looking for a customized solution to suit their lubrication needs.

Thanks to its worldwide reputed outstanding durability and performance, SAMOA Heavy Duty equipment was the choice.  

The final result is this lubrication container, which can be used as a portable maintenance workshop facility or as a fixed stand-alone maintenance workshop in a hard to reach remote location.



Full access to metered delivery guns on hose reels. Can be totally closed for security.

This container includes a built-in drop-down lockable hatch on the outside. It allows easy access to oil, coolant, grease and air hose reels and it can be locked down to prevent unauthorized use out of working hours.

This type of solution is particularly adequate in rough environments, such as mining or construction sites located in remote areas.


The hose reels and hose end meters used are:



AODD pumps will save room

IBC tanks in the container are refilled using AODD pumps. One pump is used for each fluid, thus preventing cross-contamination. Oil is delivered in 220 l drums and thanks to their great performance, a full drum in transferred in few minutes. Additionally, thanks to their small footprint and compact design, they require a very small room and can be placed anywhere,



And last but not least… Heavy Duty Oil Piston Pumps

Finally, PM35 5:1 wall mounted pumps, the heart of the installation, dispense the different lubricants though hose reels and hose end meters. The pumps are connected to the bottom of the tank, providing gravity feeding which optimizes priming capabilities.

The air supply includes individual FRL (filter-regulator-lubricator) in order to:

  • Prevent the impurities from the air line entering the air motor
  • Prevent the excess of humidity / water from entering the air motor
  • Lubricate the air motor spool
  • Adjust each pump speed and delivery pressure to the requirements of each lubricant.


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All hoses have been securely and neatly fixed to the container using welded hose clamps.

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