Success Stories NEXU connects with Renault Truck DMS, RTDMS

NEXU connects with Renault Truck DMS, RTDMS

Achieving an automatic integration of lubricant consumption between both systems.


The SAMOA Industrial team, in collaboration with Renault Trucks, have recently developed a communication interface between their workshop management system RTDMS, and ®NEX • U • lubricant and fluid management system.

This development meets the user’s need for the automatic integration of lubricant consumption, inside the materials list on RTDMS work orders.

This interface updates oil consumption automatically into RTDMS work orders and materials list.



NEXU is SAMOA's fluid management system, the digital solution you need to increase your vehicle maintenance service business profitability.

NEXU provides total control over your workshop's fluid consumption, keeping track of every fluid dispense, thus guaranteeing the profitability on your service operations.

One of NEXU's main strengths is, undoubtedly, its flexibility and simple connection process with all the DMS (ERP) on the market. For achieving this, our experts have created connections through web services and using API.

When NEXU connects with a workshop DMS, our fluid management system only allows fluids supply if the work order has been entered and is an active work order in the DMS.

The actual data entry for this field is done using any of the following NEXU components:


Virtual Keyboard


UVISION+ KEYBOARD DEVICE located on the gun

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NEXU communicates with Renault Trucks RTDSM software through a web services interface. Communication between both systems is automatic, agile and fast and the work order validation process is immediate.


In this installation, the main advantage is the direct and automatic data upload to RTDSM for Renault Trucks. Once a fluid delivery is completed, all the information selected is sent, in real time, to the DMS, being then possible to check actual product and quantity supplied for every work order.

NEXU’s  Utrack software uses a HTTPS connection, which was deployed for the first time at this particular installation. This enhances security for your business data, as the information sent remains shielded and the identity of the connected devices is verified.

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