Success Stories SAMOA DP200 1” Diaphragm Pump for ink in a mixing system

SAMOA DP200 1” Diaphragm Pump for ink in a mixing system

SAMOA DP200 1” AODD Pump installed in a mixing system for pumping the base material to the proportioning device

This mixing system is designed for a manufacturing plant, and consist of two components dispense system that mix a base material and a catalyst agent in precise amounts. DP200 1" PNEUMATIC DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM PUMP, DIRECTFLO, ALUMINIUM-PTFE-STAINLESS STEEL transfer the base material from a Stainless-Steel tank to the proportioning device with a good performance, efficiency and reliability.

Companies that make this type of systems use AODD pumps for some reasons:

  • Wide range of materials allow fluid compatibility and versatility
  • Flow rate and pressure can be adjusted
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Reduced cost compared to electric pumps


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