Success Stories SAMOA 1” AODD Pumps in a tannery

SAMOA 1” AODD Pumps in a tannery

SAMOA Diaphragm Pumps installed in a water base spray booth in a tannery.

SAMOA has 1” Plastic DF100 Diaphragm Pumps installed in spray machines for coloring leather.


Coloring is the last process in tanning and SAMOA AODD pumps move the water base paint from the deposit to the spraying nozzles that color the leather. The reason of pumping the paint with an AODD Pumps instead of an electrical Pump is that it is more versatile and reliable for using with different fluids that could be required in the process.


Tanning is the process of treating skins and hides of animals to produce leather

Tanning hide into leather involves a process which permanently alters the protein structure of skin, making it more durable and less susceptible to decomposition, and possibly coloring it.



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