Success Stories SAMOA PM60 Ink Pump for transferring application

SAMOA PM60 Ink Pump for transferring application

SAMOA PM60 12:1 Pump with pneumatic hoist and gravity inductor system ink for transfer from drum to small containers.


An American Ink Distribution Company was transferring ink from 200 l (55 gal) drums to smaller containers by gravity helped by a hoist system

The system was time consuming as they had to empty the drums very slowly by gravity, making sure not to overflow the small containers. The process of filling the small containers was complicated and required expertise to avoid spilling ink from the container when lifting the hoist and turning the drum. To make that process more efficient, the company decided to install dispensing points with PM60 12:1 ink Piston Pump systems with pneumatic pump hoist and gravity inductor.

This pump allows the user to transfer the ink in a faster, cleaner and more accurate way. The pump hoist and gravity inductor system helps the user to change the drum faster, more safely and with less effort. The gravity inductor plate of the system minimizes ink waste and helps pump priming.

To conclude, the user is very happy as he is saving time, money and efforts by changing the industrial process to a more efficient and reliable system.


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