Success Stories SAMOA corrosion coating equipment at leading containers manufacturer in Spain

SAMOA corrosion coating equipment at leading containers manufacturer in Spain

NOVA High Pressure Airless equipment used at sea and land containers manufacturer


This multinational company is based in Spain and focuses on the design and manufacture of containers, swap bodies, semi-trailers, tank containers and accessories for these products.

They came to SAMOA looking for high pressure airless coatings equipment for applying epoxy resin and vinyl coatings on the land and sea containers they manufacture.



One of the main requirements for this was application is that the selected pumps must be able to supply fluid to two guns workings simultaneously, and thus our experts recommended NOVA AIRLESS PUMPS.

NOVA Airless pumps are one of the highest-flow-per-minute achievers of the market nowadays, an essential feature for our client and for this specific application. Each of the four pumps used must feed two guns, so a total of 8 operators can work at the same time.

Moreover, the use of the equipment is is simple, since applying vinyl and epoxy resin coatings can be done using the same equipment, just with a simple nozzle swap.


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If you are looking for high quality equipment for applying protective coatings , here are some of the reasons why you should consider SAMOA NOVA Airless High Pressure Pumps:

  • Low Maintenance and repairs due to the high durability and robustness of the fluid sections.
  • Save your money with low-cost of spare parts and accessories, compared to our competition.
  • No ice formation pneumatic motors
  • The Nova 45: 1 can easily supply fluids to two guns at the same time, which means that each pump will allow two workers applying coatings at the same time


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