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Control & monitoring systems

Control & monitoring systems


Control your process with U·pump monitoring system and Electronic Interface Accessories for Diaphragm Pumps. This control system is perfect for critical processes or when pumping hazardous or expensive fluids. U·pump offers real-time monitoring of pump status, tank level, pump speed, and pump cycle count. It also provides an API for integration with third-party production software, as well as historical data tracking and remote access on PC, tablet, and smartphones. 

The Electronic Interface Accessories, including Leak Detection, Solenoid Valves, and Stroke Sensor, provide effective pump monitoring and enable proactive maintenance intervals. With U·pump and its accessories, users can reduce waste, enhance efficiency, and boost productivity.

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U·pump allows to monitor and control main functions of air operated pumps. Each U·pump monitor and control module can control and monitor two air...