SAMOA Industrial



since 1958

SAMOA Industrial is a 3rd generation family business dedicated to manufacturing pumps, equipment, and systems for complex fluids handling.




SAMOA started its activity in 1958 in Gijón (Spain) manufacturing rivets and grease nipples. In 1960 it began to manufacture manual grease pumps and accessories for industrial lubrication. This gave rise to the current Lubrication Equipment division.

Pistola Neumática

1968 - 1980

In 1968 it embarked on the manufacture of electro-hydraulic vehicle lifts until 1972, when it decided to stop production and start manufacturing workshop furniture.

From then on, SAMOA decided to focus its efforts on the development of lubrication pumps and accessories, launching its first pneumatic grease gun in 1980.

Kit de mantenimiento  de vehículos

80’s - 90’s

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, SAMOA expanded its range of products for lubrication and vehicle maintenance by developing new pneumatic oil and grease pumps, hose reels, waste oil recovery devices, and other accesories.

Bola del mundo


SAMOA began to open subsidiaries globally.



SAMOA started exploring the industrial business by developing air operated diaphragm pumps.

Gama de productos 'Heavy Duty'


SAMOA has been completing its lubrication equipment portfolio with a "Heavy Duty" range for industrial and heavy vehicle applications and other improvements within these applications.



SAMOA penetrated the new business of paint spraying and sealant & adhesives extrusion through the acquisition of LARIUS.



SAMOA has always had a global vision that prompted it to initiate commercial relations outside of Spain in the 1960s, exporting to Latin America, Europe, and North Africa. From that moment on, SAMOA began to establish the financial and organizational bases that would allow it to grow internationally, which has led to selling its products in more than 110 countries.

In 1993, SAMOA opened subsidiaries in the USA (SAMSON Corporation), England (SAMOA Ltd), and France (SAMOA Sarl) to develop these 3 markets (and other neighboring markets), which are very important for SAMOA's internationalization strategy.

SAMOA also entered the German market in 2000 with the opening of SAMOA Gmbh, which later became SAMOA-Hallbauer Gmbh.

As a consequence of SAMOA's strategy to penetrate the industry of off-set inks, 2 acquisitions of leading pumps and systems manufacturers took place: Hydrair (acquired in 2008 and located in England) and Betz (acquired in 2016 and located in Germany).

In 2019 SAMOA acquired LARIUS, an Italian manufacturer of pumps and systems for paint spraying and viscous fluid application in manufacturing processes. This allowed us to expand our presence in Italy and other countries, as well as diversify into new industrial sectors where SAMOA did not have yet presence.



Since its incorporation in 1958, SAMOA has followed a strategy of growth and diversification within the world of fluid management. Therefore, throughout its history, SAMOA has been expanding its range of products in the lubrication equipment division for vehicle lubrication and maintenance applications with a special focus on innovation and quality.

In 1996, SAMOA acquired the compressor manufacturer PUSKA in search of possible synergies with its existing global distribution network. Finally, SAMOA decided to sell it in 2003, focusing solely on fluid management.

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In 2005, through the acquisition of an innovative air operated double diaphragm pump concept, its patent and its development, SAMOA began its journey into the process industry. Within this world, the main applications are Tank Loading/Unloading, Batching and Mixing, Coating, Filling & Re-circulation, Sumping, Dewatering, Fluid Filtration, and General Transfer within very diverse industries. This was the beginning of our Process Pumps Division which encompassed all products for fluid transfer in industrial processes.

In 2010 SAMOA launched its first air operated double diaphragm pump under the name Directflo with a revolutionary technology that reduced air consumption, increased reliability, and simplified pump maintenance. SAMOA continued to develop and improve its air operated double diaphragm pumps until completing a range that has different models available in various sizes and materials being able to meet any market needs.

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As a result of this eagerness to explore new horizons within fluid transfer in industrial processes, SAMOA decided to enter the printing industry by acquiring 2 leading manufacturers of pumping equipment for offset inks in England (Hydrair) and Germany (Betz) in 2008 and 2016 respectively. Both brands have been integrated by inheriting the SAMOA brand.

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In 2018 SAMOA made a significant entry into the Oil & Gas sector with the launch of their ultra-high pressure pneumatic piston pumps and their air operated double diaphragm pumps.

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In 2019 SAMOA acquired LARIUS, an Italian manufacturer of equipment for paint spraying and application of viscous fluids in manufacturing processes, opening the path into a new world for SAMOA and giving rise to the new Applied Industrial Fluid Solutions division. Since its acquisition, many efforts have been carried out to integrate the two companies, first with the coexistence of both brands and later with the definitive commitment to the SAMOA brand, which is developing new products to improve the existing ones.

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With the advent of the digital revolution and the Internet of Things (IoT), SAMOA has been developing, since the late 90’s, electronic systems and software for fluid stock management and the electronic control of sensorized pumps and equipment increasing reliability, productivity, and versatility

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