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Our products

SAMOA manufactures a complete range of high-quality pumps, systems, and accessories for handling complex fluids. SAMOA offers equipment for lubrication and vehicle servicing, industrial transfer pumps, pumps for viscous fluid extrusion, and paint spraying equipment.
SAMOA products are characterized by innovation and excellence in design and manufacturing, ensuring reliability, energy efficiency and simplicity of use and maintenance
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Lubrication equipment

SAMOA manufactures a full range of lubrication equipment to pump, dispense, measure, monitor, control and recovery lubricants and other type of service fluids in lubrication and vehicle maintenance applications. SAMOA high-quality pumps, reels, valves, meters, waste fluid recovery units and fluid inventory control systems are designed to increase the productivity and reliability of your operations.

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Process pumps

SAMOA Process Pumps product line offer a comprehensive range of fluid handling equipment engineered to withstand harsh environments and demanding fluid transfer applications. This Product Line includes pneumatic diaphragm pumps and piston pumps, each uniquely tailored with various materials and accessories for optimal performance. SAMOA Process Pumps are the trusted choice for superior pump solutions in diverse industrial applications, thanks to its efficient performance and rugged durability.

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Spare parts

Restore your equipment back to original performance with genuine SAMOA spare parts. Crafted with precision engineering and strong materials, these spare parts are designed to withstand the challenging of your demands. Simplify your repair process with convenient replacement kits. Count on these authentic replacement parts to maintain efficient operation of your equipment.

Coming soon...

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Applied industrial fluid solutions

Coming soon you will find a huge range of products for this division where you find solutions for:

  •  Industrial finishing

  •  Protective coatings treatment

  •  High viscosity fluid dispensing

  •  Decorative painting

  •  Pavement marking

Real success stories about our products

Check out our best application stories.

Real success stories about our products

Check out our best application stories.