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Are you looking for a stainless steel Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump?
News Published on 25 Sep 2023

At SAMOA we offer AODD pumps, from sizes ½" to 3”, manufactured in stainless steel. These versions provide an increased resistance, which makes them suitable for demanding applications, such as chemical processing. 
Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, making the pump perfect for handling corrosive fluids or liquids with high acidity or alkalinity. Thus, these pump versions can withstand aggressive chemicals and harsh environments without degradation. 
SAMOA stainless steel AODD pumps can handle demanding applications, providing reliable construction and maintaining their performance over time. 
If your application involves corrosive fluids, harsh atmospheres or aggressive temperatures and you need more information, download the full catalogue or find out more information about the pump size you are interested in:  

Pivot Series catalogue by lenguaje: English (EN) | Spanish (ES) | Italian (IT) | Swedish (SW)

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