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ATEX Certification of SAMOA PUMPMASTER oil piston pumps
News Published on 27 Oct 2023

Our PM35, PM45 and PM60 air operated oil piston pumps have a new feature thanks to the ATEX certification. This certification allows pumps to work in areas with explosive atmospheres, i.e. areas where there could be a risk of explosion. An explosion takes place when an oxidizer (usually oxygen from the air), a fuel (vapor, liquid or dust) and an ignition source (a spark, a flame or a high temperature surface) come together.

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Main advantages of our air operated oil piston pumps:

  • Increased efficiency: maximum fluid flow with reduced air consumption.
  • Easy service: simple and intuitive design that reduce downtime.
  • Versatile: wide range of applications, different tank sizes and mounting forms.
  • Reliable: no stall, no icing and start-up even with low air pressure.
  • Robust: high quality and resistant materials.
  • Low friction: longer component life.

This range of pumps will fit original containers of different sizes and bulk storage tanks, covering applications that range from oil transfer to very large centralized systems.

To know more about ATEX read the article about How much do you know about ATEX certification? in our specialist blog in FLUID MANAGEMET.

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