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News Published on 05 Dec 2023

The Oil & Gas industry demands reliable and efficient equipment. When it comes to lubrication, sealing or general fluid transfer, SAMOA's wide range of air operated diaphragm and piston pumps is a trusted choice. Below, we dig into the details of SAMOA's pump range and explore the specific applications that make them indispensable in the Oil & Gas industry.

SAMOA manufactures specialized piston pumps with ultra-high pressure for lubrication and sealing applications. These pumps are engineered with pressure ratios of 100:1, 168:1, 200:1, and 240:1, resulting in discharge pressures of up to 690 bar (10,000 psi), 1.158 bar (16,800 psi), 1.379 bar (20,000 psi), and 24,000 psi, respectively. The 100:1 pressure ratio pump is suitable for lubrication and sealant injection in API 6A/6D valves in wellheads, Christmas trees, BOP systems, and manifolds. The higher ratio pumps are used to seal the well pressure during wireline operations. Piston pumps with pressure ratios of 168:1 and 200:1 can also be used for wellhead sealant injection for valve integrity services.

SAMOA’s piston pumps are designed with a non-stalling air motor and a changeover mechanism, that ensures a reliable operation even in the most challenging working conditions. The efficient heat transfer of the air motor prevents icing and there is no need for lubrication during operation.

The air-operated double diaphragm pumps offered by SAMOA feature the patented Frictionless Pivot Shaft air valve. This lube-free, non-wearing valve can work with dry, damp, or humid air, and can operate without any icing or stalling issues. They are available in port sizes from 3/8” to 3” and can transfer up to 1,000 liters per minute (264 gallons per minute). SAMOA’s double diaphragm pumps have a cartridge air valve design for easier and faster servicing and the pivoting air shaft valve reduces fluid pulsations and pump vibrations.  These diaphragm pumps handle the toughest jobs in the most difficult working environments, providing efficient air consumption and smooth, safe transfer of liquids.

Double diaphragm pumps are suitable for a wide range of oil & gas applications. Whether it's the transfer of alkaline detergents or caustic-based cleaners for tank cleaning, recirculating the bottom of tanks, collecting natural gas liquids (NGLs) from the gas stream, or tackling tasks such as sump or cellar clearing, glycol circulation, and tote and drum unloading, diaphragm pumps provide a versatile solution.

The SAMOA range of piston and diaphragm pumps are CE and ATEX certified, and they are renowned for their reliability, productivity, and efficiency in lubrication, sealing and general transfer applications. If you need more details about SAMOA products suitable for the Oil & Gas industry, please contact us or download one of our catalogs: 

Oil&Gas general catalogue

Oil&Gas AODDP brochure

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