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Do you need to simplify your fluid management system?
News Published on 11 Oct 2023

CONTROL IS IN THE AIR… Our successful NEX·U·® PRO Fluid Management System provides improved connectability and simplicity! 

NEX·U·® PRO can operate fully wireless, using a network created by the U·net PRO, thus reducing installation costs. Monitoring, controlling, and tracking your fluid transactions will REDUCE WASTE, INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND BOOST PRODUCTIVITY. Keeping fluid track will help you maximize your profitability & reduce your carbon footprint in vehicle and fleet service. 


  • Wireless: The system can work fully wireless reducing installation costs. 
  • Simple: Intuitive software with few components, for a simple set up. 
  • Increased productivity:Control every service fluid transaction from the dispensing valve, without walking back and forth. 
  • Reduced downtime:All components are reachable by technician without lifting. 
  • DMS integration:Optional API is available for integrations with 3rd party’s DMS. 
  • Versatile:The system can be installed fully wireless, or hybrid mode (combining wireless and wired). Possibility to control mobile units. 


For more information on how to make your fluid management system wireless, download the latest NEX·U·® PRO brochures availables in the following languajes: 

English (EN) | Spanish (ES) | French (FR) | German (DE)

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