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SAMOA Group has a new website
News Published on 07 Mar 2024

At SAMOA Industrial Group, we are launching a new website. Users will discover a refreshed look and feel, a simple and intuitive user experience and usability, both on desktop and mobile versions. However, we've made sure that you'll find everything where it used to be, so the transition to the new site doesn't feel strange or challenging.

The new page features include:

  1. More information. You will find a greater variety of information about our products, including technical details, multimedia, comparisons, wishlists, and more.
  2. More documents. Products now come with an extensive amount of documentation such as catalogs, manuals, technical images, or related models.
  3. More proximity. We want you to feel at home, so you'll have access to all contact needs, help, reports, information requests, or distribution.


Register now!

To make the most of the site, we offer a powerful private area for users who want access to more documentation and information. Registration takes no more than a minute, and you can do it directly through this link.

Existing registered users

For users registered on the previous website, we believe this is the ideal time for you to renew your trust in us. That's why we ask you to renew that trust by registering in this new web environment.

Are you distributor?

For our distributors, as was the case on the previous website, we provide extended information and documentation about our products. You just need to register on the website and, once registered, submit the "I am a distributor" request through your personal profile in the private area. Here are simple instructions to facilitate the process (estimated time: 30 seconds):


  1. Clic on "my profile"
    Once registration is complete, log in with your new account and go to "my profile", you will find it on the top right side of the website.  

  2. Go to "Extra information"
    When you access your profile, you will see personal information. Scroll down the screen to "Extra information".

  3. Clic on "Is distributor"
    Click on the "Is distributor" box and save the new information.  

  4. Await approval
    Once you save the new information, we will receive a notice of your request. You will receive a notice when your application is approved or denied.

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