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SAMOA UP03 - PIVOT Series 3/8 Air-operated double diaphragm pump
News Published on 15 Sep 2023

PIVOT Series 3/8” Air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps are available in non-metallic materials such as Polypropylene, Conductive Polypropylene, Conductive Acetal and PVDF with an extensive range of diaphragms, seats and balls. They offer a wide range of material options for different applications and ensure chemical compatibility with fluids.   

These pumps are very suitable for fluids with the presence of abrasives and combine a Universal design with a unique frictionless Pivot-Shaft Air Valve, that provides maximum performance and energy efficiency, exceeding market expectations. 

  • MAXIMUM VERSATILITY. Polypropylene, Conductive Polypropylene, PVDF and Conductive Acetal pumps with a wide range of diaphragms, seats and balls options offer broad fluid and application compatibility. Highly suitable for aggressive chemicals. 
  • HIGHER EFFICIENCY. Maximum fluid flow with reduced air consumption.  
  • INCREASED RELIABILITY. No stall, no icing, reliable start-up and longer air valve and diaphragms life.  
  • EASY SERVICING. Simplified maintenance and cleaning. Air Valve cartridge easy to replace. The pump is held together by carriage bolts and nuts allowing to accomplish a much faster tear down and rebuild.  
  • UNIVERSAL PUMP. Easy swap-over of main competitive brands. 
  • Superior chemical compatibility.  
  • Increased resistance to corrosive fluids and atmospheres.  
  • Very robust bolted design for longer operation lifetime compared to clamped pumps. Electrically conductive material for groundable pump versions. 
  • ULTRA-COMPACT DESIGN. Ready to meet any OEM application needs. Perfect for spraying and small dispensing applications. 
  • CONNECTIVITY. Can be configured to connect a Smart Pump-Controller System to actuate, control and monitor your pumps

Check some of our UP03 models in our product area or through this link.

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