News New Universal Pivot Pumps (UP)

New Universal Pivot Pumps (UP)

Published on 26/10/2021 0:00:00

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Find out more about our new Universal Pivot AODD (double diaphragm) pumps and their benefits or contact us for more information:

  • HIGHER EFFICIENCY: Maximum fluid flow + reduced air consumption
  • INCREASED RELIABILITY: 3S technology which helps in reliability, low pressure start-up and operability.
  • MINIMAL VIBRATION AND PULSATION: ‘Frictionless Pivoting Valve’, virtually non-wearing, lube-free, ice-free and stall-free performance with incredible air efficiency.
  • BOLTED CONSTRUCTION: Eliminate the risk of pump leaks
  • EASIER SERVICING: reduced number of parts = easier maintenance
  • UNIVERSAL PUMP: Matches relative dimention of competitor pumps


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