News SAMOA participates in the XXIX Encuentros Empresariales de Asturias

SAMOA participates in the XXIX Encuentros Empresariales de Asturias

Published on 03/12/2021 0:00:00

Growth and competitiveness of Middle Market companies


SAMOA Industrial participated last November 30th, in the XXIX Encuentros Empresariales de Asturias as one of the six companies selected by Fundación CRE100DO (ICEX, Fundación Innovación Bankinter and Círculo de Empresarios) as leads of the “Middle Market” in Asturias.

This event, organized by IDEPA and sponsored by the Government of the Principality of Asturias, focused this year on "the growth and competitiveness of Middle Market companies".

Highlighting the need for "Asturian companies to increase their size, in order to improve their competitiveness and gain access to better financial conditions and potential for the creation of employment", representatives of the six invited companies have shared their personal experiences in the entrepreneurial world, emphasizing aspects such as growth, innovation, industrialization and talent.

During the event, the emphasis was set on the risks posed by currency devaluations in some countries, as well as the advisability of finding the right people in order to delve into unknown markets. Speaking from the experience in making our way into newer and unfamiliar markets and sectors, we also know that the results of these operations will not be immediate. For this reason, our president and CEO, Mr. Alberto González-Moratiel Álvarez, stressed that "we must wait and be persistent."

In SAMOA, we constantly invest in design and innovation, to provide the best service for our customers, ensuring the highest quality in our products, while opening our way into new markets. In recent years we have expanded our business through the incorporation of subsidiaries worldwide, adapting as well as launching new products to reach industries such as oil and gas.

We greatly appreciate having had the opportunity to be a part of this event and share our professional experiences with Aleastur, Astilleros Gondán, Cafento, Satec and Zitrón.


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