Success Stories New NEXU integration, using the new protocol GDS REST

New NEXU integration, using the new protocol GDS REST

Our Fluid Management System communicates with GDS FUSION using the new protocol GDS REST


Our Danish Distributor, V. Lowener was selected by Skifter Lastbil A/S to install NEXU, our fluid management system, in their three Volvo Trucks maintenance centers.

In order to make this installation optimally compatible, our experts ensured that NEXU communicates with GDS FUSION using the New Protocol GDS REST


NEXU system has been successfully installed and fully connected with the customer’s Dealer Management System

What does this mean for your Truck Service business? Basically, and to get right into the technical side of things, it’s now possible to use two different ways of communication between GDS Fusion and NEXU Oil Dispensing system:

  • VCOM – this is the old protocol .
  • GDS REST – this is the new and preferred communication protocol.

NEXU system can communicate using both protocols, but REST is the recommended one.

Work order validation

This transaction is initiated by NEXU system sending the Work Order Number to GDS FUSION:

  1. If the work order exists and it is a legitimate one, GDS FUSION validates the Work Order Number and sends to NEXU a success code.
  2. Once NEXU receives the success code, the oil dispense can take place.

Data Export Process

During the Data Export Process, NEXU sends the transaction detail to GDS FUSION:

  1. GDS FUSION validates that the data has been received.
  2. If the data is valid, the Work Order in GDS FUSION is adequately updated.
  3. NEXU receives a code that indicates whether the transaction has been successfully terminated..

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