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UP20 at food plant

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UP20 at food plant

The manager of a food processing plant was interested in an alternative solution for their current diaphragm pumps used in transferring starchy water, a crucial fluid in the potato processing stage. The existing pumps presented challenges, including problems realted to suctioning and high air consumption. 

Challenges to solve


Improve the pump suctioning 


Reduce their air consumption 

This is how we face the project

In this case, a 2” SAMOA Pivot Series diaphragm pump made of aluminium, with Santoprene diaphragms and balls was selected. This innovative pump design had several key features that made it the perfect choice for this specific application.                         

The Frictionless Pivot Shaft Air Valve design, along with its incredibly fast changeover shift capability, provides a fluid flow with reduced pulsations, minimized pump vibrations, and lower  air consumption. This design provides reliable operation, even with reduced air pressure, due to the Smooth Start Shifter actuator (3s) that prevents stall during operation. 

Aside from its superior performance, the SAMOA diaphragm pump also has a no-stall and no-icing operation, making it a highly reliable and valuable investment for any facility. Additionally, its universal design matches the fluid port and mounting feet dimensions of key competitors, allowing for direct replacement in cases like this food processing plant. 

The solution

After a successful one-month trial in production, the plant manager ordered 2 more SAMOA Pivot Series Diaphragm Pumps, as he was very satisfied with the results provided by the pump.  

The plant manager stated that the pump operators emphasized the superior performance and improved suction of the SAMOA diaphragm pump compared to the previous pump. Additionally, they noted that the SAMOA pump consumed less air due to the fast changeover shift of the air valve.

Benefits of SAMOA diaphragm pump


  • Immediate operator acceptance and preference over existing pumps 

  • Better suction performance 

  • Reduced air consumption 


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