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Diaphragm pumps installed in the packaging industry

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Diaphragm pumps installed in the packaging industry

The end user, one of the UK’s leading corrugated packaging companies, has over forty diaphragm pumps of various sizes and materials in one plant. They consistently faced diaphragm failures with these pumps, occurring approximately every two to four weeks. These failures not only caused disruptions in their manufacturing processes but also resulted in economic losses, production delays, and stoppages. Such interruptions can negatively impact the company's image, emphasizing the critical need for a more reliable pumping solution. Some of these pumps were used to transfer ink for their packaging printing processes, others were used in wastewater treatment. 

Challenges to solve


Reduce maintenance costs 


Reduce air consumption 


Reliable operation to reduce downtime 

This is how we face the project

For this situation, we recommended two different SAMOA PIVOT Series diaphragm pumps. A 1” UP10 pump and a 3” UP30 pump, both manufactured in aluminum. Aditionally, ½" DF50 diaphragm pumps, from SAMOA's DirectFlo series in polypropylene, were also installed. 

DF50 diaphragm pumps feature SAMOA’s innovative DirectFlo Technology. This innovative design, with its one-piece fluid section, ensures a leak-free operation, prioritizing fast and straightforward maintenance, minimizing downtime, and optimizing productivity. The absence of manifolds results in an exceptionally compact design, making it a space-efficient choice for various applications.  

 The SAMOA PIVOT Series diaphragm pumps feature an innovative Frictionless Pivot Shaft Air Valve cartridge design that enhances flow performance, resulting in a smoother and more consistent flow, with reduced pulsation and vibrations. The air valve fast changeover minimizes air consumption and increases energy efficiency.  The exceptional performance of these pumps demonstrate reliability by operating without stalling or icing. Their universally compatible design matches the dimensions of key competitors, allowing for seamless direct replacement. 

The solution

The SAMOA pumps proved highly successful for the end user, which can be largely attributed to their energy-efficient air valve design.  In fact, SAMOA’s UP10 diaphragm pump is more efficient, with on-site studies showing that it consumes 80% less air than the competitor's pump. After examining actual air consumption data from the installation, it was found that using SAMOA diaphragm pumps could result in annual savings of around £99,000 (116.087,4 €) for the user.   

Moreover, the absence of any issues or failures in our pumps for over 50 days following the switch highlights their robust design and high-quality components. This not only proves their reliability but also translates into a noteworthy reduction in downtime and associated maintenance costs, thanks to the streamlined maintenance facilitated by the air valve cartridge design and the fewer pump components.


PIVOT Series

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