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SAMOA's NEX U system digitally transforms a multi-brand workshop

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SAMOA's NEX U system digitally transforms a multi-brand workshop

Bassadone Motors, located in Gibraltar, is the official distributor for several major car brands, including KIA, VW, Honda, Renault, Dacia, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexus, Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo, and Honda motorbikes. The company relocated to an avant-garde building to become Gibraltar's largest vehicle sales showroom. 

In these new facilities, Bassadone sought to have a vehicle repair and service facility with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, managed by well-qualified professionals. For the equipment, it decided to rely on Sodicam S.A., Renault's official workshop equipment supplier, and SAMOA Industrial S.A., as the equipment manufacturer. 

Challenges to solve


Increase productivity 


Minimize failures


Digital transformation of the company 

This is how we face the project

The new building design consists of a pumping room with four types of engine oil, which will supply six dispensing points in the workshop. In addition, they required the installation of equipment for the recovery and storage of used oil. 

At SAMOA we have high-quality air operated piston pumps and lubrication equipment, with innovative and cutting-edge technology, to guarantee the equipment reliability and optimum performance. Considering the case characteristics, the suitable air operated piston pump is the PM4 5:1 and the DP200 diaphragm pump for pumping waste oil. 

It was also installed, alongside this lubrication equipment, SAMOA’s NEX·U® fluid management system for keeping track and controlling all fluid transactions. This installation consists of: a U·tank® module for controlling the waste oil tank levels with real-time information, various U·Valve® units next to each hose reel to control the meter and valve operation and measuring the dispensed fluid, and a U·dat® keypad for system access to dispense the fluids. 

The solution

The use of a fluid management system, such as NEX·U ®, provides the workshop with control over the fluid dispensed and improves its operation profitability through accurate information obtained through the tracking and work order recording. 

The integration of SAMOA’s NEX·U® with Bassadone’s DMS system allows the user to have all of the fluid management in one single tool, without having to add new processes. This integration allows operators quick and easy access to each operation point (work order, fluid, vehicle, quantity to dispense), thus minimizing the possibility of errors. The customer used their existing wireless devices but, thanks to the NEX·U’s® API connection, now their own system can start fluid transactions without problems. Once the work order is completed, NEX·U® reports the quantity dispensed for accurate billing, enhancing the workshop operation profitability. 

By digitally transforming the workshop using NEX·U® and placing fluid dispensing within the operator's reach, providing them with efficient technological resources, downtime was eliminated, avoiding the need to walk back and forth to dispense fluid. 

After the first month of using SAMOA’s NEX·U® and other SAMOA equipment, the Parts & Accessories Manager, Mark Hitchcock, highlighted the major progress that has been made with these new facilities and the technology installed. The SAMOA technology provides a non-centralized supply system, which allows tracking fluid stock and ensuring a proper fluid supply, considering fluid type and quantity.  

The Service Manager, John Neish, pointed out the reduction in operating time and the efficiency improvements. Plus, all the activity is meticulously recorded and controlled within the corresponding information management system. 

Danny LLamas, Software Development Manager at Systech, values the test environment deployed by SAMOA and the expertise of SAMOA’s developers, during continuous test communicatons, in addition to NEX·U® own high quality. 

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