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SAMOA UP20 diaphragm pumps used for roof tile manufacturing

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SAMOA UP20 diaphragm pumps used for roof tile manufacturing

The largest roof tile manufacturer in Sweden was searching for the right transfer pump to add color agents and additives to the concrete roof tile manufacturing process. Air operated diaphragm pumps are commonly used to feed iron oxide mixed with water to tint the concrete tile a specific red color. Additionally, a mixture of carbon black is pumped into the mixture to improve the thermal conductivity and strength of the tile. The customer needed to reduce the air consumption and minimize the vibration and pulsations caused by the previously installed pumps.

Challenges to solve


Reduce pulsation and vibrations.


Reduce air consumption.


Reduce the sound levels.

This is how we face the project

The local distributor determined that the best pump for this application was a 2” Pivot Series diaphragm pump from SAMOA in aluminium with Hytrel balls and diaphragms (UP20A-BAC-HHC). 

The SAMOA Pivot Series diaphragm pumps have an innovative Frictionless Pivot Shaft Air Valve with a design that delivers higher and smoother flow, reducing pulsation and vibrations that may affect the coloring process of the tiles.

This air valve is designed for an incredibly fast changeover shift which helps reduce air consumption, allowing the end user to improve the energy efficiency of their coloring process.

The SAMOA Pivot Series diaphragm pumps are designed with a shorter and oversized evacuation air passages, which avoids whistle noise, thus achieving quieter pump operation alongside reduced vibrations.

The solution


Our SAMOA Pivot Series diaphragm pump lowered the sound levels of the coloring feeding process. The customer also noticed a considerable reduction in pulsations and vibrations with SAMOA diaphragm pumps. The higher efficiency of our pump, provided by its exclusive air valve design, led to lower the
 air consumption of the coloring process.


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