Success Stories 3" Aluminum AODD Pumps at a ceramic tableware factory

3" Aluminum AODD Pumps at a ceramic tableware factory

Samoa Pivot Series double diaphragm pumps decreased production costs by improving time between services in a sludge transfer application.


A premium quality French manufacture of ceramic tableware products needed a way to transfer highly abrasive sludge while minimizing downtime and production costs.  The manufacture partnered with a local SAMOA authorized distributor to improve their production processes. The Samoa distributor chose SAMOA Pivot Series UP30 3”, UP30A-BAC-HHC, double diaphragm pumps for this difficult sludge transfer application.


The ceramic tableware manufacturer installed two of these 3” aluminum air operated diaphragm pumps into their production line. The SAMOA Pivot Series had superior performance over the previously used AODD pump.  The pump was able to transfer the sludge while using a lower air inlet pressure, reducing air consumption by 30%. Its robust construction made it possible to reduce preventive maintenance to just once a year, as the pump has less wear.

SAMOA Pivot Series double diaphragm pumps are robust and perfect for transferring abrasive slips, slurries and sludges used in ceramic production. The flow passages have been optimized to reduce fluid speed to minimize wear caused by abrasion. In addition, the Pivot Series air motor can be repaired without removing the pump from its location which simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime.

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