Success Stories 3” AODD pump, UP30 used at water curtain spray booth

3” AODD pump, UP30 used at water curtain spray booth

UP30 pump feeds a water circulation system in a water curtain spray booth for a furniture manufacturer



An Italian metal cabinets manufacturer, uses our UP30 pump to replace an electric rotary vane pump. The vane pump was not able to deliver the pressure required to feed all the water nozzles.


The water wash spray booth uses water curtains to collect overspray, so it reduces environmental pollution. The UP30 pump is able to supply the delivery and pressure required to meet the system requirements.

Product used in the installation:

UP30A-BAC-MMA: 3" PNEUMATIC DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM PUMP, UP30 Pump with Aluminium wetted parts and Santoprene seats, balls and diaphragms.

This product is recommended for this kind of installation because:

  • HIGHER EFFICIENCY. Maximum fluid flow with reduced air consumption.
  • INCREASED RELIABILITY. No stall, no icing, reliable start-up and longer air valve and diaphragm lifes.
  • FULL PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY. The pump material range makes it possible to find the right model for the application.
  • EASY SERVICING. Simplified maintenance and cleaning. Components designed for long life and reliability. This model is a fully groundable ATEX certified pump, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres



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