Success Stories Polypropylene UP20 2” at the food and beverages industry

Polypropylene UP20 2” at the food and beverages industry

Reduces air consumption and vibrations during transferring


The user is a well-known cider manufacturer from Northern Spain. They needed a replacement for a pneumatic pump installed to transfer cider waste, from a tank to a filter press.

Their old pump had issues due to pulsations, vibrations and pump stalling. Moreover, the user was experiencing frequent maintenance downtimes, which caused costly cleaning processes and considerable product losses. 

Our team recommended our UP20 polypropylene air-operated pump UP20B-FPS-PTZ. With this pump the user achieved:

  • Considerably reduced air consumption during the cider waste transfer.
  • Reduced pump components wear, as it is able to operate at lower pressure
  • Simplified maintenance service.
  • Competitive pricing in spare parts.



If you are experiencing similar issues, and you are looking for the right solution, find below some of UP20’s best features:

  • Higher Efficiency
  • Increased Reliability
  • Minimal Vibration & Pulsation
  • Easier Servicing
  • Superb Abrasion Resistance


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