Success Stories Varnishes manufacturer chooses UP 20, 2” AODD pump to replace competitor’s pumps

Varnishes manufacturer chooses UP 20, 2” AODD pump to replace competitor’s pumps

UP20 pump considerably reduces air consumption in the transfer of titanium dioxide powder when compared with other AODD pumps


The user is an international wood coatings manufacturer. They were using competitor’s 2" AODD Pumps to transfer titanium dioxide powder (a raw material for varnish production) in their production line.

They were looking for reducing their production costs. Air consumption of previous pumps was excessive, they astalled regularly, causing manufacturing slowdown and they create high vibration on the 2” and 3” pipe lines.

It was critical to reduce pumps’ dead-time while saving in spares parts, maintenance costs and to minimze pipe vibrations. Other relevant aspects triggering the switch were: open communication with the pump manufacturer, reliability, easy service and longer life of the product’s components.

The main benefits experienced and reported by the user when using SAMOA pumps are:

  • Thanks to their air motor design with the innovative Fictionles Air Pivot Valve, pump noise and pipe vibrations are considerably lower.
  • As consequence of the reduced vibrations, life of pipes, filters, flow meters and other accesrorie has increased.
  • Compressed air consumption savings with the Samoa pumps.


We recommend our UP20 and UP30 pumps for powder transfer applications. Powder products, such as titanium dioxide, a component in the formulation and production of paints, varnishes, lacquers, adhesives or inks are used in the following industries:

  • Paint factories
  • Varnish factories
  • Ink factories
  • Silicone and adhesive factories.

For being transfer with an AODD, powder must meet the following requirements:

  • Density is low, around 4.2 gr/cm3
  • No water affinity.
  • Suspended particles have a small diameter.
  • The powder should not clump together easily.



These new products complete our PIVOT Series, already in the market with other popular pumps, such as UP20 2” (51 mm), Metallic and Non-metallic:

UP30 3” (76 mm) Metallic Air Operated Diaphragm pumps.

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